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Originally Posted by yardguy28 View Post
well clearly most in my market feel $45 as a min is excessively high for our neck of the woods.

personally I agree. like I said if you gave me an estimate of $45, I'd laugh in your face and tell you to take a hike. even if most others gave me the same price. for $45 I'll either do it myself or let it grow if I couldn't physically do it. or you can always find a neighbor kid to do it for it cheap.

I'd rather have a scrub knock it down for $25 than pay some some LCO almost twice that much just so it looks nice.

I'll never have a min higher than $25. I'd go out of business before I'd do that. $45 is ridiculously high for the yards I charge min no matter what the market is. for $25 they get edged, trimmed, mowed and blown.
What happens when that scrub or the neighborhood kid breaks his ankle on your property with no insurance and sues you? Geography is a major factor in pricing. If you came up here with a minimum of $25 you would be out of business in less than a year. Average lawn sizes are from .5 to 2 acres. Not trying to judge but why would you compare your rates to a scrub or the neighborhood kid anyways?

About Wal-Mart, isn't that how a business is supposed to operate? Use buying power and controlled overhead to provide a lower cost product to the consumer? Not many people ever complain about pharmacies, large aggregate suppliers, Car manufacturers or other major corps. run by shareholders who use the same tactics.
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