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well, I was able to finalize a deal on this little Kioti yesterday. I ran to pick it up today. it was a 470 mile round trip but def worth it. I traded my quad plus some cash for it. It's the Kioti LB1914 20 hp 4x4 with turf tires. I have a serial number but doesn't seem to match anything online so I'm not sure on the year. But it's got power steering and I know the only started making those in 1998 or something like that. so it's newer than I originally thought. The seller included a bunch of small extras like 3 point linkages, 6 gallons of hydro oil, 10 gallons of diesel with 2 cans and some misc hardware and pins. Also included was a 60" Kioti brand rear mower, a 70" rear scraper blade and a 3 point bucket scooper thinger that doesnt look like it was ever used. the tractor has about 470 hours on it, everything works and looks good with the only bad thing being the front tires are dry rotted a bit, but they hold air and have good tread. it also has a ROPS canopy.

my plan is to sell the mower and scooper thinger, keep the blade for now, and look for a 4 or 5 ft brush hog with the intention of opening some doors to more work. Not planning to make a killing with this little tractor, but I hope to use it to get some jobs I wouldn't otherwise be able to do like brush moweing & fencing installs. I'm still brainstorming on what else to offer with this machine. My main goal is use this to do some job that will lead to seasonal mowing accounts. so if you have any ideas on how I can put this to use to earn some $ and gain more seasonal accounts, I'm all ears. theres no loader (yet) and it has no rear remotes. It also only has a 6gpm hydro pump. I was gonna add rear remotes but think I'll skip it and get a rear pto hydro pump and build a splitter. this will be mainly for my own use and save me a lot of labor. I heat with wood.

heres a few pics
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