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Originally Posted by mtdman View Post

Not a very good pic, one I took while dumping. Normally the hose is attached to the side of the box but I have to take it off to dump, and I spin the chute sideways when I dump as well. I bought my own dump trailer this season, but I'm not happy with the size. Plan on trading it in for a bigger dump trailer next season so I'm not constantly running to the dump 3 or 4 times a day.

It's interesting to see how similar so many of these are.
Dude, Thats gotta be about a 12' trailer.. You're sides could be way higher! Thats what i would do! Im sure you spent about 5k or more on it.. I would just make it work. Add sides (higher) and just make sure you get inside and start jumping around in it every once in a while.. It'll cut your dump time in half if not more! That ford can pull it!

My buddy does condo's and only has a 14' trailer..Bridges are like what 13' in michigan(?)
His box is all of 12'. No lie.... We dump at the same spot and you can literally smell the difference between my leaves (Which we dump daily) And His who can sit in the trailer for sometimes up to 4... Its crazy!

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