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Originally Posted by kyles landscape View Post
i bill per time for everything i think it is the fairest way to conduct business for both parties and keeep the customers happy....everyone has the good and the bad customers, i have people who I can bill monthly no matter what i do so they can budget i have people who if i chagre them 100 dollars(25/cut) to cut 4 x aand only come 2x they expect that other 50 dollars in work somewere else in their yard or gutter cleaning etc. now if you have months were its crazy growing youd lose money but you wont at per cut.

Now say your monlthy and you usually cut this property on wed bc thats when you are out there well say the customer wants it dont sat this week for a party on sunday are you going to come out wed sat and again wed because thats what they are paying for?
The customer gets the other $50 in extra work, you are right. They get mowed once a week on the same day. Exceptions are considered an emergency call and are billed accordingly. They are paying for x amount of services done x times per month. Ours usually include mowing, trimming, mulch, weeding, pruning, and for commercial we include pre em and non selective as well as trash cleanup. This isn't for every customer, my experience is it works better on the commercial end because they have better things to do than worry about their grounds. So everone was talking about the drought, this year on contract properties. We provided the extra services in the contract and when the grass needed it we mowed. If everyone would switch to contract it would make me a lot happier.
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