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Originally Posted by socty View Post
Wow yard guy you ever plan to retire.?! Nobody keeps the prices same for six years Unless they want to go out of business. So either you're really expensive or is just a matter of time till you go belly up
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nope no plan to ever retire.

oh I raise prices but I have yet to raise prices on existing clients. so far all clients who have hired me have remained at the rate hired in at.

plus like the other guys said sometimes my efficiency goes up if I get new or better equipment. otherwise I spend roughly the same amount time each season using the same equipment on the fall clean ups.

also we live different lives I'm sure. I work to make money to pay for the necessities in live and bank anything leftover. you probably work to make money to pay for necessities and spent what's left on the wants in life. so your gonna want more money left over after necessities than I am.

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