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Originally Posted by jrs.landscaping View Post
Makes sense, the market always determins price for all of us.
well cpllawncare seems to be suggesting $25 is too low for ANYWHERE. and that I should rally up the LCO's in my neck of the woods and try and raise the market.

the market anywhere is determined by 2 things. what the providers are trying to charge and what the customers are willing to pay. it's not a one sided thing.

just because everyone in town gives you x amount as the price doesn't always mean people will pay it. hence my statement about hiring a scrub or neighbor kid.

I don't care if every last LCO is charging $45 for that lawn. I'll find a cheaper way. that the shared opinion in my neck of the woods. if starting tomorrow every last LCO had a min of $45 there'd be an awful lot of unemployed people. everyone would fire there LCO and hire a scrub or neighbor kid.
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