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Choosing the Best Commercial Walk Behind

Hey Guys,

Relatively new to the site, and finding good info all the time! I have not seen a great deal of discussion around choosing the best ZT mower, or Commercial walk behind. (am I just missing it?)

To date I have only utilized Honda Commercial Walk Behind Mowers, which do great, but I am signing up more and more larger properties, and will need to pull the trigger on a larger mower soon.

I'm all over the place on this one, there are several good ones out there, with new stuff coming out all the time!

I'm not trying to start a debate, I realize everyone has their own opinion...Just looking for any insight you all might have. When one is about to write a check for between 5 and would be nice to have as much info as possible!

On a side note....if any one out there is in the Seattle area, it would be great to network with a few more local folks.

Thanks in advance for reading, and sharing!
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