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Originally Posted by jrs.landscaping View Post
About Wal-Mart, isn't that how a business is supposed to operate? Use buying power and controlled overhead to provide a lower cost product to the consumer? Not many people ever complain about pharmacies, large aggregate suppliers, Car manufacturers or other major corps. run by shareholders who use the same tactics.
Unfortunately every piece of electronics I've purchased or received as a gift from that place fails within a year. TV, BluRay, etc.....

When you're big enough to service as many properties as they have customers then fine you can compare yourself to that model. Also good luck using the same employment model of cheap employees and beating the snot out of them with landscape work and paying them pennies. They'll leave for an easier cashier job for the same pay. If you think them or any other similar giant retailer has a great model just look at their employees. Paid pennies, no health coverage, and little to no benefits. Oh yea the owners of said store top the worlds billionaire list each year. I'm glad they put their employees first. Once the shareholder is involved many employees in these places suffer because the only people that matter are the wealthy shareholders who may just top that billionaires list too.

I'm just glad there are a few larger companies on this site that still treat their employees like gold and really make them feel like they matter. As much as we may beat our chests as an owner, if you're not a solo op, your business relies on your employees to get the job done. And even these owners will say its not always pay that matters. It's the other things like benefits and feeling as that they are a true piece of the puzzle.

Phew, rant over.

Thanks for the inputs to the original topic for those that contributed.
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