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Originally Posted by jrs.landscaping View Post
We all know that RSK. My point was the extra fuel, wear and tear using a commercial truck for personal use still comes out of your pocket whether it's a write off or not. Why waste money for the sake of trying to portray a professional image 24/7?
good to know that everyone knows that it is still a write off. but what would you say to someone who really love's driving pick up trucks and doesn't like driving cars, they clearly don't care about spending the extra money on the worse fuel economy, or the more expensive wear and tear. not everyone is trying to pinch pennies nor needs to, I'm not saying me personally, even though i do only have my 1 96 ford f350, which is lettered up, and I drive it absolutely everywhere, from march until december i do 1500 miles a month, and I don't leave the state, nor do I even go across the state even. I change the oil every 3000-3500 miles at about 85 dollars each time, my front end also get greased at the same time. I would like a newer, more comfortable truck but its really not at the top of my list because its not going to make me anymore money. Either will having a personal truck or car, and it probably wouldn't save me the enough from getting better fuel economy, to offset the insurance, taxes, registration, and maintenance on that vehicle, that i wouldn't have to pay if I just stuck with one vehicle. so there is nothing wrong with having a personal truck or car, but you probably won't save that much if any money for a long time. example, I drive my f350 everyday, and a lot, its get about 12-13 mpg at best. but spending 10,000 on a nice tdi jetta to drive around after work to try and save 200 a month in diesel and wear and tear is going to take quite some time to pay off because the insurance, and maintenance for that vehicle probably won't be cheap. everything is cheaper then a truck but still you are adding a second cost to try and save money, that's like saying my lawn mower needs a new motor, either I put a new motor in or buy a new one mower, the new mower won't need repairs for a long time, but you aren't saving any money by spending 12500 0n a new machine vs spending the 2500 and putting a new motor in the older mower.
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