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Originally Posted by Chilehead View Post
Urinating anywhere outside of a restroom, let alone a client's yard is unprofessionalism defined. In Georgia, you will go into the Sex Offender Registry for peeing in public. The charges would be Indecent Exposure and Lewd & Lascivious Behavior. You better have a good attorney before taking a leak in the woods here.
The only reason why they made that a sex offender status offense is because "actual" perverts/crazies would protest "I was just peeing" if they were caught hanging their ..... around at people. Seems like that would be a common excuse.

My opinion still stands however. I believe we should be able to piss without having to worry about being charged with a sex offense.

But thanks for the info! I was not aware at all that it was that serious in GA. I will know it for future references. It sure would be hard to get business if I was caught and had to go door to door in my neighborhood saying "Hi im required by law to inform you that im a registered sex offender! And by the way, Would you like some lawn service?" LOL
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