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Originally Posted by cpllawncare View Post
THIS IS EXACTLY MY POINT! If you guys keep lowering the bar everybody suffers, I hear it from new customers that move here all the time," It didn't cost that much where we came from" My reply " but your not there your here and it cost more here. I've had plenty of people say I'm not paying that much! I say ok call someone else! they do and find out the competition is even higher and call me back and say I'll pay your price. So see it does work if everybody refuses to lower their price. Trust me, you can't compete on price alone, you'll run yourself out of business.
I've heard this before. "Well my vacation home in florida only costs $50 per month to mow and you want $50 per cut?"

We can't control what people will pay, I agree with Yardguy. If I say $50, the next guy running a startup will do it for $35. It doesn't matter what your location. If a customer isn't willing to pay your rates and everybody had the same minimum those people would just buy a mower and do it themselves. I do the same as you, here is my price, if they ask why I explain the cost of doing business. If they want cheaper I wish them luck and if anything changes to give me a call.
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