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I am having trouble understanding how someone starting up a business just so happens to have twenty thousand cash laying around, mostly because if that is your situation why are you even here asking stupid questions, you got that kind of money you should have went out already and done what your heart desires.

But then that's not the case, is it?

No, 4 pages of argument back and forth over some silly trivial nonsense doesn't happen because someone has a ton of money.

You are here because you need us to back you up, in a round-about beat around the bush kind of way, because you're about to take out a loan and when that backfires you want the ability to have someone other than yourself take the blame for the failure.
Which is why I'm here to tell you that is a very bad idea, blame is going to be the least of your worries if things go south.

Whether one vehicle or two, whichever you decide.
But you get what you can afford, and pay cash for it.

You're probably looking at something more like a 4 thousand dollar truck, if you even have that much.
And if anything's left over, maybe you can buy a car, too.

Now if you don't have a personal vehicle you will be riding a very expensive device for personal reasons, that truck won't cost less than a dollar for every mile driven, one other thing... You really plan on hooking and unhooking that trailer every dang time you need the truck for yourself, you're kidding yourself, start planning on unloading everything too because leaving a truck and trailer sitting outside a store in an unsupervised parking lot with all sorts of goodies in back is an invitation for thieves.
And steal your stuff they will.

Time to re-think this strategy.

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