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Originally Posted by MDLawn View Post
We have a mix of the $25, $35, and may $40 lawns here (1/4-1/3 acre) so if someone doesn't like your price they WILL find someone else if they are looking for a price. When and only when they go for a higher price is when the service is bad. I just walk when I get the "price" no rather than try and convince someone. Setting a premium price between all lawn contractors would only eliminate potential customers because it's a luxury service. Many people can't fix a plumbing, electrical, or automotive problem. And they NEED those things fixed. A lot of people can mow a lawn and don't need someone to mulch their landscape or trim bushes.

The other thing is catering to those who can afford your services. If someone wants a price over the phone and doesn't want to meet in person, fine here's my starting price......."click". Just look at the direction residential us taking. Those measuring software programs are taking the human contact out of it. I know they may save time but how can you upsell without an initial meeting? I don't know maybe it's just me but I like that initial contact and the chance to sell services.

There are plenty of business making money and lots of it in this industry. I guarantee they are not cutting lawns for $25. They probably don't even mow lawns.
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This is exactly why I don't "just cut grass." I don't want to be competing with guys that will do it for $5 less and customers that are only looking at price. Most properties here have a good amount of landscaping and a good amount of people want everything taken care of. A lot of the mow and blow guys here just want to cut grass and if they do take care of the landscaping, they hack through it so people will generally pay more for quality work....
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