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Originally Posted by DannyLot View Post
What's everyone's advice on using the same vehicle for work an their primary personal vehicle ? Reason I ask is I was thinking of trading in my car to get a nice 1 ton vehicle for 20k used or just getting a used truck for 10k strictly for landscaping an plowing .. What ya guys think ?
no advice other than to go ahead and do it.

I have and always will have one truck for both personal and business use. I keep track of work miles for tax purposes. fill the truck up with personal credit card.

the only situation I'd have a separate for is if I ever get a one ton dump truck like I keep thinking about doing.

to herler I had at least double that when I started my business. who says you have to be poor or in need of money to start a business?

I started my business to be doing work I actually enjoy doing. I was making well over double what I make now at my previous job. I've saved a lot of money in that time.
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