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Originally Posted by ted putnam View Post
I just purchased my 3rd truck Friday. I actually pick it up tomorrow.( It was late when we made the deal so paperwork and check will be taken care of tomorrow.)

I deduct 100% on my trucks. I do this because even when I am at the grocery store, that truck is advertising my business. Its a rolling billboard advertising my business 24 hrs a day no matter where I am. Last time I checked, advertising was a legitimate business expense. I get calls from people who see it when I'm driving whether it is in route to the next stop on my route for the day or if I am going to check on my parents who are in their late 70's.

Maybe I rationalize it so I can sleep at night, but that's the way I look at it.
When the state tells me I don't have to have a lettered truck to spray lawns any more, then maybe I'll change the way I do things as far as vehicle expense. Until then, I will keep doing things this way. I don't feel that it is dishonest and it is much easier for me.

We don't use the spray trucks to go out to eat on Friday night(We use my wife's Tahoe). However, If I discover we need a gallon of milk, I don't wait for my wife to get off work to use her vehicle to go get it.
Good luck making that arguement to the IRS. You know darn well when you're using it for personal use and you're supposed to be keeping a log. The fact that it's lettered does not negate that. Can I say that I've never run out to get a pizza with my truck...of course not, but yes it does sound like you're just tryng to rationalize it.

I also like having a personal vehicle so I can leave the dump trailer hitched up or the tools in the bed and not have to fully demobilize after work. Nice when the wife's car needs to go into the shop too.
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