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Originally Posted by RAlmaroad View Post
LDH: You will also need a REDUCTION on that engine. Roller pumps work around 650RPMs. Putting the main filter before the pump is also super important to protect the pump also as their rollers are nylon and easily scared by undesolved and filler trash in a mix.
I have a NEW Hypro 252 with reduction gear and regulator for $400 which bolts directly to your engine. Probably about the same cost as a Pump and Reduction Gear alone.
The 4101 roller pump is rated at 2600 RPM. It's built to couple direct to a 2.5hp engine. That's why I went with a 79cc engine instead of spending $17 more for Harbor Freight's 5.5 hp engine. I looked at D252s and just about every pump there is before I started ordering parts for my skid. I private messaged several people on here for their opinions also before making a decision. I had actually settled on a package from Rittenhouse that had a Honda GC160 with D252 for about $900 but at the last minute decided against it. My setup= $215 If you divide $900 by $215 it comes out to a little over 4. This means that I can literally wear out my engine and roller pump 4 times, throw it in the trash, and purchase new before equalling the cost of the package I was going to get from Rittenhouse. If we start talking about D30 and D403s, I could replace my engine and pump more than 4 times.
That being said.... I do plan to buy a nice diaphram pump in the future. I just want to make sure I have the clientele to justify it. I've made alot of bad business decisions in the past which is why I micro manage my money these days. I think your offer on the D252 is a good price. Why are you selling it if you don't mind me asking?
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