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Originally Posted by Darryl G View Post
Good luck making that arguement to the IRS. You know darn well when you're using it for personal use and you're supposed to be keeping a log. The fact that it's lettered does not negate that. Can I say that I've never run out to get a pizza with my truck...of course not, but yes it does sound like you're just tryng to rationalize it.

I also like having a personal vehicle so I can leave the dump trailer hitched up or the tools in the bed and not have to fully demobilize after work. Nice when the wife's car needs to go into the shop too.
You are probably right...and I may have to take that up with the IRS at some point. I have a Tax professional that does my payroll and income taxes monthly and annually. I keep all fuel receipts and give her end of year mileage on all vehicles so she has both to compare. These trucks are on official business over 99% of the time. If the IRS would like to tax me for that < 1% time that they aren't, I say go for it. I promise you, I'm not worth their trouble and I think they know that. They've got "bigger fish to fry" and haven't been concerned with it up to this point. Maybe it's because I pay my taxes and run things on the "up and up" for the most part. I figure that is the best way to avoid throwing up "red flags". We put 10-12k miles on these trucks per year and that is exactly what I report. If at some point they would like to challenge that, I will be waiting for my slap on the hand for not keeping a vehicle log.

To the OP:
If you want to have a business vehicle and a separate vehicle for personal use, I would have the business vehicle be the nicer of the 2. You will be seen at least 8 hrs a day in that vehicle. That vehicle is an important part of your business image and plays an important role in how customers and potential customers perceive your business.
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