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Originally Posted by cpllawncare View Post
All true! I don't give prices over the phone either for the same reason. You have to accept the fact that everybody isn't going to buy your services, and that's fine, just like everybody can't afford a million dollar home, well EVERYBODY can't afford a landscaper either, so I wish guys would quit trying to make it so they could. We're in a luxury industry, and have to charge accordingly. Yes , most basically everyone can mow their grass, but can they do it well? Shoot, everybody can drive a car, but everybody isn't good at it, or even wants to. I never got into this thinking I was only going to mow grass, it was just a base from which to grow into other services.
Totally agree, it's def a luxury. It's been dumbed down to the point that anyone can afford it. Another reason why I stay away from mow and go....those people typically can't afford much more than that so my prices don't fly with least down here. Not saying that's how it is everywhere.
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