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Originally Posted by RAlmaroad View Post
Do you have the governored speed of the engine? I really don't know the engine. I bought two of these by mistake. I had ordered it over a 4th of July weekend, never confirmation on the order and ordered again from another company. I thought I might need one for a back up but never had any problems other than routine maintenance.
The good thing about the Diaphragm pump that you can get 200psig and pressure is consistent. I have a roller pump on tractor for spraying orchards. The availability to drive around and coupled with a wide boom on the back lets me spray fields using two 50gal drum
I like the Hypro especially with a walking boom that is consistent for herbicides on lawn and the high pressure for the fungicide.
Have you seen any output on the roller pump using the 2.5HP engine? I've never used one on a small engine, just the PTO's driven. Call Hypro and talk with there rep about your engine and pump before making a decision. He's a knowledgeable guy.
I bought a Fimco 60 gallon sprayer in 2009 that had a 4 roller pump and 2.5hp engine on it. I used it for gly only. I can't answer your question about it's performance because it was one of those 50ft of 3/8 hose jobs with a cheap car wash style gun. Right now I'm dealing with 300ft of 1/2 hose and a chemlawn gun with 2 gpm tip applying herbicides accurately calibrated. Or should I say, this is what I will be doing once the rig is finished. To answer your question honestly, I don't know how the roller pump will perform under these conditions. I know that the Fimco rig I once owned worked good for wiping out fence lines and what not, but I never used it with any length of hose, etc. You've got me sold on the D252. I've heard enough on the roller pump to put a bad taste in my mouth on it. Since I won't even need the rig for a few more months I'm just going to put another $300-$400 into a pump and get a D252GRGI that accepts a 5/8 shaft. You guys have convinced me the roller pump is a bad choice. Especially the cast iron. And if I go with the Silver series I'll end up spending the same amount that I would on a D252 diaphram.
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