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Without seeing the results of a soil test for the area(s) this will be applied to, I think that that is rather low for the potassium. I am also not really in favor of 46-0-0 for warm season turf. If the urea was substituted with 28-0-0 CRN, that would be OK. I have used 50-50 21-0-0/13-0-45 or 75-25 if the turf did not need that much K, but warm season turf tends to be easier to deal with if it gets more K.

A+ for including FEature. That product has been a solid performer for me. I use it on both turf and trees/ornamentals. It performs differently from 1-2% iron sulfate or iron oxide blended with granules. You also do not want to get a granule of either of those in a pool or on hard surfaces.
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