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Originally Posted by yardguy28 View Post
true there's nothing wrong with financing but there's nothing wrong with having money up front for things either.

I personally never purchase business items unless I have 100% of the money up front. all equipment has always been paid for 100% up front. that includes my truck and trailer to the mowers and handhelds and anything in between.
That's great if you can do it and not leave your azz hanging out but the interest you pay is a deduction so it's not like you are throwing that money away. You are just buying time. I pay for all supplies up front whenever possible. However, capital expenditures I make are generally financed unless under 4-5K. That way all of my money is not tied up in a single piece of equipment, leaving me broke if there is an unseen expense that arises. Cash management is the name of the game when growing a business.
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