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Originally Posted by steveparrott View Post
Thanks for posting this question.

A couple comments:
  1. Replacement LED lenses are very inexpensive, a lot cheaper than separate lamps. Agreed that a simple lens or collimator can be very inexpensive. However not all of the integrated LED fixtures that offer field adjustable optics allow you to only change a small lens. Some require you to change out an entire assembly. (Vista for instance) and this is not a low cost option.
  2. Fixtures or modules that have switchable or dimmable brightness give you options that don't require lamp replacement. Variable brightness is only one parameter that may need to be addressed over time. More often I find myself looking for a change in beam spreads and slight re-location of the fixture.

Let's focus this thread on what designers want and need, rather than sponsor promotions (myself included). I am fine with that, and that is why I started this thread. I am not a sponsor of this forum and I stated quite clearly what I want and need as a designer and systems maintenance pro.

Lighting designers are artists who paint with light. Tell us whether or not you need flexibility from your tools - what kind of flexibility, and how much? Also, do you need this flexibility after installation?
Yes, I agree... I think of myself as an artist when it comes to lighting system design and I not only need but demand the highest degree of component quality, flexibility, and service-ability. Both at the time of installation and until the end of life of the component in question.
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