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Originally Posted by Cat 320D LRR View Post
im your age too. To me its worth it. were starting young. we have time to grow and make alot more money. Alot of people i talk to say they wish they started at our age instead of 25. I really wouldnt want to work for someone else. I plan to keep at it so by the time im 25 i should be fully rocking and rolling instead of just starting out. me personally if i quit and went to work for someone else i would fully regret it down the road. To me there something about owning my own company and love seeing my truck with my company name on it or driving past a yard you cut and seeing it look so nice or a job you did that just looks awesome when i see that all i can do is smile. i obviously dont know you but i think if you quit this and went to work for someone else you would regret it
Yeah your right the feeling of owning a company is great.I think also this time of the year gets to me when I have less work to keep me busy. Thinking can be the best thing and also worst!
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