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Originally Posted by mitchgo View Post
you really need a multimeter and learn how to utilize it to diagnose electrical trouble shooting. There is plenty of online free information on how to use one

Other helpful tools are a station master, a remote, a wire tracer and fault finder.

Good luck
This is so true.

I can't tell you how much a stationmaster 24 help's.

A 521 wire tracer is a must. There are other's, but this is the cheapest.

This thing will make you dig a lot of hole's, but again, invaluable.

A remote will save you a lot of time and walking, there are a bunch, this is one of the best.

Get a multimeter that you don't mind dropping in a puddle and shorting out. Leave the Fluke inside. You can spend a lot of time and money on irrigation troubleshooting, be sure you want to do this.

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