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Well I have no pictures of this happening but a few years back I was crew chief on a Nascar Modified. At the time we were having a fantastic year and leading the points championship. These cars biggest flaw was always heat. 240 deg on a caution run was not uncommon. Hard on engines? Maybe. Well during a feature race 15 laps in all you saw of our car was a eruption of steam. Done for the night . I never seen a radiator expand to a football before and sure enough ours did. 22 lb rad caps didn't help much either but needed it to keep from boiling. We took the engine to the engine builder (No I do not build these) and questioned what was up. My diagnosis at the time was one of two. Either a blown head gasket or Cracked block. The engine builder had the engine for a week we got it back and claimed nothing wrong. Back in the car it went and low and behold Thar she blows! Same thing. Long story short cracked block. Pressure tests, mag flux and just tons of other tests proved nothing. It needed 15 laps to heat to the point of pressurizing the system so much as to push every drop of water out of the block in one lap. Taking the fan belt off running the engine with thermostat neck off and block full of water showed when engine reached 220 the cylinder where the crack was, leaked by into water jacket on compression stroke!! Reason for extreme pressure and blowing out Radiator. 15 min in shop with my son we figured that out. Engine builder still didn't believe it when we proved it to him.

Am I a genius? Nope, just put 2 and 2 together and well a little basic logic and guess what you figure it all out.Even with a 22lb cap that Radiator should never expand to the point of the tubes becoming round. Only engine compression added to the water jacket would do that. Everyone has something to add and everyone experienced that one head banging problematic item. I guess that's why we have the Internet to get some of those answers. Keep the problems coming I enjoy them and even the answers right or wrong. At 58 years old I am still learning and better yet have the will to keep learning The old days of Clinton, Wisconsin B&S Tecumseh were fun well sometimes, these new engines well a challenge at times. But they still need fuel, air and spark to run! The rest is secondary.
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