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Originally Posted by JimLewis View Post
I think maybe you're a little too sensitive S&MLL.....

I didn't say anything negative about Cast. I didn't even realize anyone was talking about cast. And I didn't read anything about Cast vs. Kichler either. I didn't feel like Steve and I were comparing the two. If just felt like we were offering solutions. For my part, I just heard that someone was having problems with condensation in an LED light fixture. I was just saying that yes, this can be a problem. And the real solution (rather than trying to figure out how to fix a fixture that has these kind of problems) is to start with a fixture that doesn't have that problem. Doesn't have to be Kichler. If you go back and read what I wrote you'd see the part where I said that there were probably other brands that wouldn't have this problem too. Go back and read my second paragraph in my first response to this thread. I know there are other brands that make nice integrated fixtures that are fully sealed and don't have this problem. But I am not sure which ones that would be, since I've mainly just installed Kichler and FXL in the LED market.

But if you have a good idea about how to fix the problem, go ahead and post it. I didn't have any thoughts to post about how to fix the bad seal on the light fixture that is in question. But I did have an idea of how to prevent that from happening in the first place. I felt it was pertinent to mention it. It's not like I work for Kichler or get anything for promoting them. I just feel they have some big advantages. And if I was having a lot of problems with a certain brand I would want someone to come to me and say, "Hey Jim, I'm not sure how to fix that problem. But this brand that I use doesn't have that problem. Might want to check it out...." I wouldn't have a problem with anyone saying that to me. I don't understand why you're so offended at that.

Wasnt just you. Its the forum as a whole. Your solution is a valid one. But when someone comes on here and wants to start a lighting company and i suggest to him to just network with his local lighting pro my post gets deleted. Because some sponsor would rather sell this guy fixtures. (and that is not any jab at CAST. Probably more from the company that pays to have their fixture on the banner above.

I dont hate the cast product. I might disagree with some of their business ideas but Steve and I have talked about it and we agree to disagree. I think the cast product (halogen) was always very heavy duty and for a non "spec" grade line it was at the top of its mid level market. I have no take on their LED line as I have never used it. I do have a spotlight that has been running for a few months. Still looks good.

So dont say Im a hater on cast.

I also do use from time to time Kichler product. Quite a few movers and shakers in our industry question why. But that is neither here nor there. The 3000k color temp looks great on pines/conifers and the like. I have original Kichler LED fixtures still in the ground.... Going on 4 years this spring. Yes the azt had faded terribly but the led still shines. And if I really wanted to I know I could swap them under warranty. But they are hidden in the landscape where most fixtures should be hidden. I notice in most designs people go pathlight crazy and well if a pathlight faded and chipped you would be dealing with a very unhappy homeowner. Btw pretty much the only "well" lights we ever use now are core drilled into stone. So using non round fixtures like a kichler is out of the question.

BTW Jim ALOT of us have been to cleveland and seen fixtures sitting in a rubbermaid tub filled with water. You seem to have embraced that trip and came back a die hard kichler guy...... And nothing is wrong with that. But I hope all your designs are not straight from the kichler catalog because then you would be doing your client a disservice by designing from 1 manufacturer and not designing to give your client the best possible lighting scene.

I will end my rant. You can call me sensitive. But atleast im not gullible
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