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Originally Posted by DannyLot View Post
What's everyone's advice on using the same vehicle for work an their primary personal vehicle ? Reason I ask is I was thinking of trading in my car to get a nice 1 ton vehicle for 20k used or just getting a used truck for 10k strictly for landscaping an plowing .. What ya guys think ?
I would 100% buy the used truck for 10k and keep your car. Just make sure when you buy the truck that it is clean and well cared for, there should be very little if any dings, no rust, no rot, shouldn't need any paint work for 10,000 should look like new still or very lightly used. Just make sure to ask alot of questions, but keeping 10,000 in the bank for unexpected things that come up is much smarter then having a new nicer work and personal vehicle. and trading in your current car is not a smart idea any way you look at it. plus like stated it is nice to be able to leave your trailer connected and loaded if you can back inside a garage or shop, and jump in a personal vehicle and go home. the better you can separate work from personal the longer you will make it. I still mix things together a little bit, but i'm working on separating them completely next year. the worst i do now is use my business check card to go out to eat and that as far as i know is not a business expense. otherwise everything else is a business expense and a write off.
fully lic. and ins. 10yrs exp.
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