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Originally Posted by Tunica View Post
and when the 35 dollar guys blow week after week grass into the condenser coil on the A/c units the maintance man for that apartment complex will have something to say..and when a couple of those units burnup THEN that complex will be looking for someone else to cut.
EXACTLY! That's why it's best not to worry about the low ballers. Don't be stressed when you lose work to a lower bid. It's only going to take a client one time of getting screwed over by some weekend warrior to realize that a lawn service provider is NOT right thing to pinch pennies on. It's easy to spot a lawn that is poorly provided for. That's where us as business men/women swoop in to explain to client how we can do better, and why it's worth paying the extra money.

NEVER drop YOUR prices because a competitor is dropping theirs! The customers who want to harass you on the price are not the customers you truly want anyways.
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