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bumping this thread up. the more I read about mini exs, the more I'm leaning towards a true mini mini. I really need it to cut down on man labor. Most of what I do is walks an patios. about 50% in backyards with man gates. If I can be the guy who can get in there without wrecking the fence and grass, plus not have 5 guys with shovels(just 2 with wheelbarrows) I think I can really make some profitable work get done. the occasional under pin job, cellar entrance, window well, hell anything that requires digging but doesnt necessitate a 7000lb skid steer or ex. We're not talking about excavating basements on an empty lot, obviously this is not the machine for that job. plus once you have this little guy you make so much work for it. augering fence footings, digging b and b trees, the list goes on. I want to be the guy they call to get the jobs done that only I can do efficiently.

the problem is all my insight comes from you guys and the net. No one around me has these size machines for rent and I dont see them on many jobs. maybe I'm ahead of the curve, maybe I'm missing something.

guys who have ran or owned these, any more current experiences of updates to the list? I think I want the biggest machine that drops down to 3' but expands for stability like the tak tb016 and kobelco gatekeeper. I hear the argument against ZTS but I havent ran both so I cant compare.

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