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Originally Posted by Kiril View Post
I agree subsoil compaction (and surface compaction) is generally the most likely cause for problems related to standing water and soggy type soils, assuming there isn't a high or perched water table or mismanaged irrigation.

I read through your page, and I am in general agreement with most of what you said, with one notable exception .... your micro drainage of lawns. While this might work to some extent, it changes the soil conditions drastically in these channels. This will have a major impact on irrigation management, and IMO what you effectively have done is created a new problem with water logging.

You also might want to add a section on bioswales.
Being a low spot in the summer with the typical irrigation, like that yard, I could hardly even see them three years later, even though they were there. That was during a warm season pruning.

But they still worked good from what I heard.

And that solution does not fit every yard.

That tip may get culled from the page at some point, because the average person may not implement the idea in the right yard in the right fashion.

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