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I use square, we use it with androids, iphones, and ipads. We love it and have had no problems lately since they got rid of doing holds on large transactions. The rates are higher when you manually enter a card than when you swipe. We explained to Square that with the nature of our business we do automatic billing and swiping monthly is not an option. They worked with us and with the proper documentation they do not charge us the higher manually entered fee. Like any business they will be willing to work on pricing if you are going to be bringing them thousands in transaction fees. They are not the cheapest, I have tried a few different vendors and have found square to have the best customer service.

Like said above, most customers like it. Especially the new service customers who you may be doing a one time call for or only a couple visits a year, such as irrigation startup/shutdowns. Going into a construction proposal, it is great when the customer has the option of charging a $50k job on a low interest card and can get points/miles for it.
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