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Originally Posted by herler View Post
Tell you one thing I have learned over the years.

There exist other folks with this false perception, such as thieves and robbers.
That is why I never carry a large chunk of cash with me.
Not on me, not in my truck, no $100 not even $50.

Not unless I have previously arranged to pay for something and I am on my way there, this rarely happens.

Any LCO ever gets robbed with a large amount of money on them puts us ALL at risk!
They rob some fat wallet guy omg we made $700 hell yeah you're next!

My own rule is I never have much over $20 cash on me at any time,
now they can still come and take it but they won't get away with much.
And hopefully they'll figure it's not worth it, and won't go after anyone else.
Smart. I rarely carry cash.
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