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We have then that we had printed up through a local print shop with our information on one side and on the other side are 4 diagrams of the basic valves we use for the main shut off. It has quick direction of how to shut it off in case of leaks. Where we are, the main shut off is indoors 99.9999% of the time.

For winterizing we are trying something new. The last two years when installing new systems we have been using the ball valves with the rings that allow you to lock the handle in the open or closed positions. When we shut these systems down we use one of the wire locks like electric companies use on meters. We lock the handle in the closed position that way we will know if the homeowner turns the system back on. All to often we shut a system down, then get a week of warm temps and the homeowners start it back up for a week and don't think to call us to blow it out again. At least now, when we find damage in spring we will know if the customer turned the system on or not.
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