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For me, if you have to ask complete strangers weather you should join the military or not, then you shouldn't join. This is different than all the other posts of "should I go to college or build my business" threads. I joined the army straight out of high school, got injured and discharged. Went through years of physical therapy and re-enlisted. I was injured again and medically discharged a second time. If I could do it, I would shut down my business and enlist a 3rd time in a heart beat. That's the dedication you need if you want to join the military.

It's perfectly fine to have questions and go back and forth on weather you should enlist or build your business. That is expected. But you should be asking people who know you, your past, your mentality, your dedication. Not us who have no clue about your business. People here could say you should stick to landscaping, maybe you have great business sense, but maybe you have none and are a horrible landscaper. We have no way of knowing. People here could tell you that the military was the time of their lives and that you should put the landscaping off 3-6 years and do an enlistment, at the least you will gain discipline and knowledge in a field. But at the same time we do not know if you are the type of person who would make a good service member. Maybe you would be great at it, but then again maybe you are a complete schmuck and wouldn't make it through the first couple weeks of basic.
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