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Originally Posted by Surferbum21 View Post
so i've done lawn care for 15 years and sometimes your on a jobsite and you nature calls. theres no jumping in the truck and running to gas station in time. So i've always cornered up to a side of house or fence way out of view of anyone seeing. well i have never minded my workers doing this as well. Apparantly my customer saw my guy put the trimmer down and walk to side of house so he followed him. my guy was tucked away peeing in the corner of the fence way down side of house where no one would have ever seen him. My customer was furious and his wife wanted to drop us immediately and not pay for service. I apologized over and over and tried explaining to him that we drink 2 gallons of water each a day and for one can't hold it sometimes and two i'm not stopping every 30 minutes each time a worker needs to pee.

What are ya'lls thoughts? I for one don't see a problem as long as they aren't flashing their weewee for kids or anybody to see. I assured the customer it would not happen again and just told my guys not to do it at that house anymore.
Please educate me a bit on this subject. You have stated that the customer was home and has seen your guy peeing. So far I have it, the bit where Im lost is and I may be a bit slow but if your customer is home and you need to pee why dont you ask to use their toilet.

I get that not all customers are at home but if they are why not ask. I dont think many people will say no.

Please somebody enlighten me.
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