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You need weight in a CTL too get performance from it. The ground pressure is very low. I run a TL140 which is a large machine for its class and I have rarely ever really needed a smaller machine. If I did need a smaller machine it was way smaller. I really think a TL130- 257-t190 class machines are just landscaping machines. They just will never serve as a everyday hardscaping grading machine. You need a 9k + machine. I have yet too demo the Case that KSSS is recomding but in head too head competition it has equaslled or beat Taks of similar size , which in my opinion is quite an accomplishment.

With CTLs I have found that it can be hard too get a good deal on used ones. The cost of tracks and undercarraige parts coupled with much cheaper new machine financing makes it hard too justify not buying new. The market has settled now and the deals are fewer and far between. Most of the low hour machines are within 15 to 20% of the cost of new. It is real important for me too have equipment that is extremley dependable. I just cannot see the value in saving 15k on a used machine except under very certain situations, like buying a machine with 100 hours. I have found that equipments dependablibity is best in it's first 1000 hours and good in the second 1000 hours. After that is where the real issues seem too arise.
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