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Originally Posted by Herrick View Post
Now we're on to this year. Good thing we stuck it out, with the lack of snow we would have been living in a cardboard box. I cut the high school kid to save money. Start figuring out where we can save time... Thank goodness for the drought, saved us thousands in fuel. We were able to get by mowing once a month for almost three months. I also cut some more accounts that were farther away to save windshield time. Loose a few others due to various things, but I know at least a couple are from lack of attention. We spent so much time on this big one that we end up loosing others... Income takes a hit again, plus the drought cuts out the rest of the clients for a few months.

We told the head of maintenance that we won't be bidding again for next year. He wasn't surprised at all. He saw how I was killing myself trying to keep up. About 50 man hours a week, plus trying to trim almost 2500 bushes twice a year with three people just wasn't working. We made it through, but even facing winter with not near what I should have saved up, I am less stressed than I have been in years. Re-focusing my attentions on quality and being proud of what I am doing. Not just rushing through to get on to the next one. Sorry folks, you can kill yourself trying to do three times more than you should... Me, I'm going to watch my kids grow up. Not leaving the business altogether, but I think I may have to find some part time work to make ends meet until things are built back up to where they should be for a full time solo guy.

Talk about a learning lesson... At least I am really confident moving forward about what it takes, and what my abilities are.
Well it sounds like some of your lawns were actually costing you money. interested to know how it turns out. good luck to you
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