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Originally Posted by 205mx View Post
How many acres was it total mowing? Closer to 40? I'd think 50k would have been a good place to start. Based off what I'm seeing. I hope things work out.
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Total area was 46 acres. I figured up one time it was around 25 acres of grass. Not football fields of lawn type 25 acres.... Like 160 small lots 25 acres.... With crap every 20 feet in the lawn.... Bird feeders, rain gauges, flowers, flags, solar lights.... You name it, they stuck it in the lawn somewhere.

I thought long and hard about upping the price and going after it again, after all, I knew exactly what it was going to take. But my equipment was starting to age... Another year or two of doing this and it would need replaced bad, plus I was wearing myself out, I needed more help. Then my dad has begun to have health problems, so he probably wasn't going to be able to he much longer.... Everything just said it was going to cost more than what I was going to raise the price. Better to walk away while I'm still sane....
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