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Originally Posted by RSK Property Maintenance View Post
if anyone here thinks they are saving money by spending 30,000 on newer truck with lower mileage so that way they don't have to rebuild a front end or do some u-joints you, need to learn simple math. It is proven it is cheaper to buy a well maintained 15 or 16 year old truck especially for work and just rebuild or replace whatever needs it then go with a newer truck with a warranty and lower miles. I picked up my truck for 3500 body is 7-10 has small dings and dents, very little rust, and overall in good condition, it needed a tranny for 2,000 because i didn't know that a sensor wasn't function properly so i just kept driving it. do i regret it not one bit, was it worth absolutely, it needed a front end a year and half later, its worth every penny, especially for what the truck has made me so far, i'm still not even into this truck for 10,000 yet and its never left me stranded anywhere. I was towing 10,000lbs + on a weekly basis with it. not once in a while, it needed a new hitch because the old rotted out, there's another 350 dollars still a very good truck at a reasonable price. my truck needed a passenger side caliper, so I did both sides, and now they have a life time warranty, along with my brake pads. not a bad deal if you ask me, and the parts were dirt cheap, and i haven't had to replace them yet.

would you buy this truck for 3500, I sure would any day of the week. with those very tires on it I used to get 19mpg all highway and 16 highway, city with towing mixed in there.

I would say go for it buy the 97 7.3 f450 and don't look back try to talk the guy down 1500 but if its as clean as my truck or cleaner, and needs nothing, he may not budge more then 500 dollars if any, but good luck and remember you can get quality used trucks for under 10,000 that are perfectly reliable and will make the same amount of money as newer much more expensive truck.
My last 4 truck purchases in order of MY:

'02 had about 56K with the 7.3
'99 had about 61K with the 7.3
'95 had 22K with a 5.9 Cummins
'93 had 48K with a 8.3 Cummins

A warranty on a truck or plow doesn't mean squat to me at 3 AM in the middle of a blizzard. That piece of paper does not plow or salt the lots. It does not make my customer happy with the service I committed to provide them with. Yes, it may save me money at the end of the storm, but that doesn't do anything for me when I really need it.

I would much rather spend money on a good, used truck that has less computers on it and is dependable, than something like my last 3 that I bought brand new and have spent far more money on and have let me down more times than the older ones combined.

Yes, I own 3 6.0s.
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