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The MSRP price on the Sport 48" with the Kawasaki is $4099. (model 930222) There are larger and smaller models of the Sport from there. The new Raptor is coming in with a 42" or a 52" cutting width, both with Kawasaki engines. The 52" MSRP is 3099.00.
If you go on our publice website at you'll find the details of all our machines. That would be far better than me trying to remember all the feature benefits, plus there are the photos. Your three choices of dealers in your area are, Michael Lombardo in Glenside, Kellners Lawn and Leisure in North Wales and Belts Equipment in New Hope. There phone numbers are listed on our website also. Just go to the dealer locator link and punch in your zip code.
There are promo's and special pricing going on right now to the end of the month. Your local dealers can fill you in on the details of each model.

Brian O
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