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How poorly do the gear pumps perform at turret work? can they still shoot mulch across a R.O.W. ditch? Sounds like a velocity issue with the slurry through the larger turret orifice. Will the pump not handle a higher rpm or is it a seed damage issue? We have a mechanically agitated machine with a centrifugal pump now. When using a short hose for R.O.W. work or turret we can mix a very thick slurry, but when we stick on 150' of hose to get into a residential back yard we have to thin down quite a bit. We do mostly residential, but the growth potential in our area is all commercial and govt. work where the turret will be essential. i built the machine we use now 14 yrs. ago so I am not afraid to work on a gear pump but I am concerned that it might not be productive enough. For those of you running Finn equipment when shooting lawns through a hose, how much mulch are you actually mixing per 100 gal. of water?
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