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Originally Posted by Duekster View Post
The way to get good money is to charge a little extra each mowing.
Yep. For the customers with many leaves, I mow weekly into November. Once the ground gets to damp and soft for my bigger mowers I schedule the final clean up. I get extra money from the surcharge on the weekly mowings and final cleanup. It is a win-win for everyone, the customer gets a decent looking yard throughout the fall. I get to pocket some extra cash from the mowings and the final clean up is made alot easier as the bulk of the leaves are already gone. It is just a matter of blowing out the beds and some other areas and throwing them in the back of a dump trailer. I turn down many leaf jobs from people that do absolutely nothing with the leaves until the leaves are all down and call wanting them all cleaned up at once. I am usually priced too high for those types of jobs, so why bother. Those types of people in my area are not the type of customers I want. Good customers want a decent looking yard throughout the fall. I don't need someone telling me to stop servicing their property at the first frost and then calling me a month later for a large cleanup, then complaining about the price when it would of been cheaper just to have me mow for another month.
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