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Originally Posted by MDLawn View Post
I've mentioned this before in other threads. Why spend $600 on a decent self propelled 21" mower when you can have someone mow your lawn for 3 years! I found it amazing some people who have their lawns mowed by a service.
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there more to it then just the intial cost of the equipment and that's what clients look when hiring a service.

the people that hire us but could do it themselves don't wanna mess with having fuel and filling it up, the maintenance of the equipment, etc.

to be honest I don't blame them. at this point in my life if I weren't in the business and could afford a lawn service I'd hire one too. I'm only 31 and in excellent health but I'd rather spend my free time enjoying it with say swimming in the summer or playing video games or watching a movie or some form of entertainment.

in fact even though I say I'm never going to retire if I ever would get out of the business the first thing I'm gonna do is sell EVERYTHING and hire an LCO or move to a condo where I don't have to do that stuff.
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