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Originally Posted by rlitman View Post
No adhesive will work on a gas tank. Don't bother.

If the tank is plastic, it can possibly be plastic welded.

Was the crack due to damage, or do you not know how the crack happened?
I ask, because if it was just a plastic tank that got hit, you can weld the crack shut, but if it is old sun-damaged plastic, one crack may be just the tip of the iceberg.
It appears it may have been dropped at some point in time. It was left at a home my mom had recently bought. I cleaned the carb, put a little gas in it, fired up first pull.

The tank itself is covered, so I don't think it was caused from sun damage. Doesn't appear or feel brittle in the least.

I already repaired it with the Seal All. To late not too. lol If it doesn't work, I'll look into getting it plastic welded. Thanks for your input.
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