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We use to do a 2 acre wooded nightmare that was a full acre of Pachysandra and Ivy ( that's right over 40,000 sq ft of it) with a complete oak and maple canopy. It's simply part of the job the thought of cutting down ground cover just as its about the only green thing left for the client never occurred to me. With a good back pack its really not that big a deal. You want fun I had one once that had a 30 foot deep crater with a stream running through the bottom all ivy with barberry's and prickers through out it and of course little sun light total canopy. I figured 21 hours of solid back pack work and I was with in one man hour on the estimate and would of beat it had it not rained the last 3 hours.

I guess only us coast line guys still are at this because this thread seems to have fallen out of favor. I as of yesterday have 28 more clean ups to go that I know of but it can still grow from there and it usually does.
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