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Unhappy My 34Z crap machine

Maybe its a fluke. Maybe I just got a lemon. I bought this machine back in 2009. Only has about 700hrs on it. Doesnt' get much use. Mainly just backyards.

Purchase problems with the dealer. Minor engine problems from the start. Had to take to the incompetent dealer for repair. Did I mention he was incompetent? Couldnt properly sell the machine to me. Couldnt fix it when I brought it back.

About 18 months in. Axle broke off. No fault with me. Im careful with all my stuff. I drove into a back yard. Thought I had a sudden flat. Nope! Surprise my axle broke off. The other dealer never heard of such a thing. Neither did I! Took that brilliant repair shop about 10 days to fix it. Is it just Gravely? I dont know.

Seat is supposed to slide back and forth. It doesnt. Never has. Multiple electrical problems. Today, I tried to tighten a loose bolt. It snapped off! Yeah!! I love Gravely. The quality appears to be outstanding.

Im a Grassshopper guy. About 10,000 hrs combined on Grasshoppers and I absolutely love em. Gravely... not so much. Not even the tiniest bit.

There, I vented. Thanks for the opportunity. Now I suppose I'll go fix my Gravely.....AGAIN!
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