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I disagree.

having a lawn service is no longer for the rich as a luxury.

there are tons of people who need someone to cut there grass. the elderly and disabled are the major ones.

I'm not saying charge dirt cheap but we need to keep prices afforable and fair.

as long as there scrubs though prices will never be able to total raise to where some of you want them and the higher you raise yours the more scrubs you will employ.

I'm 100% legal as a business in every way but because I'm solo my overhead is much lower than those with employees. because I'm single my cost of living is less than those with wife's and children. I personally capitalize on this because I can afford to charge less and still turn a profit than the guy who is married, has a couple kids and 6 employees. so in some regards you guys wanna keep raising your prices through the roof go right ahead. I'll be right behind you with a price that's a little cheaper signing up the clients.
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