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Originally Posted by cpllawncare View Post
10 years ago, before all the illegals got in the game you couldn't touch a LCO for less than $300/month, and all that had a LCO doing their yard was someone that could actually afford it, not every Joe on the block. We've got to get back to target marketing and leave all these people that have no business hiring a LCO alone.
That is my plan for this year.

I refuse to be part of the volume mindset. "If I get X amount of lawns I can make this much, well if I double that I can make this much, triple that and WOW I make a ton and only have to work 90hrs per week!!"

I'd rather have 30 customers at premium mowing rates with total landscape maintenance (trimming bushes, mulch, aerating, overseeding, tree trimming, snow plowing, etc...) Make the same money as the volume guy and only need to maybe put in 50-55hr work weeks in the busy part of the spring and then have time to do other projects later in the summer and early fall because you're only maintaining a reasonable amount of lawns (solo that is). But I realize this is not easy to do and more than likely will be like climbing Mt. Everest without supplemental oxygen.

What's funny is that all these big time operations you read about in the magazines got their start in the 80's. Made boatloads of money like a business should and have tons of equipment thats been paid off from all the loot they collected. They can survive in the current market on their increased efficiency because the great profits allowed them to purchase things that just made the work easier rather than completely efficient only.

New business.....can't even afford a mower to do his job without going broke.

We'll see what happens in the next few years, but it's good paying work or no work at all. Not worth killing yourself for pennies instead of dollars.
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