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So I started the email conversation about the trip, and then faltered on following up with a Lawnsite post or recon for the trip. Oh well, hit shappens.

Yes, Utah sounds like a good time, good snow, new place, easy airport access and close to resorts. Those dates sounds fine by me. Any later and we start getting into spring start up time, and it's early enough that it doesn't run into the spring break crowds. Input from others would be great as well. Matt can't do the weekend earlier (I think it's that weekend).

Matt- what site did you use in the past for locating lodging possibilities? I can start looking. I may drive there, as it's only 8.5 hours, and then we'd have at least one vehicle. I can get 5 total in the truck, maybe 6 with a little grease. I had fun snowshoeing with Pete and Les last year, and may try doing that again one day. So I may look for lodging that is close to areas for shoeing, with no driving. Also, I'd like to hit up the local area for some food and beer this time, as last year we stayed at the rental home the whole time.

Input would be appreciated for:
Who might go
Resorts close to Salt Lake City
Lodging requests
Dates (may not be able to accommodate everybody, sorry)
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