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Originally Posted by txgrassguy View Post
For those of you who have a Pro 700 series tracer, what is the "D" battery life experienced?
I ask since I have this unit and the thing is positively chewing up batteries. I am seeing perhaps three uses before change out is necessary.
In between use the eight "D" batteries are removed.
My old tried and true 521 requires the lantern type dry cell batteries and requires maybe once a year change out - not every third use.
This is a difficult question due to all of the variables.

1). Heat - plays a huge role in battery life.
2).Output level - the higher the output, the faster the battery drains.
3). Shelf life and expiration date - not always dependable.
4). Use - how can one determine average useage? what takes me 10 minutes might take another person 10 hours vice-versa.
5). Battery type and style - lantern batteries are meant to last longer under identical situations than A - C - D cells and that's an unfair comparison.
6). The 700 hasn't had any excessive battery consumption issues in its 5 year run to my knowledge. I would think you have a short or circuitry issue and would call Armada. They are great to work with.
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